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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Remember Lizzies it's bad to hold negative emotions since they build up.
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Good thing I didn't do what I wrote. I'm making x3 daily now lol
Top ten epic internet money


File: 1638222056207.mp4 (40.1 KB,460x460,anne2Vjd_700wv_0.mp4)

I had no motor tics for quite some time. Thought that this chapter is finished

Unfortunately not, it came back like few days ago. It's getting worse and worse.
Can't control my body at this point. Today was my worst second case ever of this bullshit.
My body was making huge jerk movements and vocal tics kicked in.
It felt like my person went outside of my body and started screaming at me while in a body there was someone else.
I couldn't control anything and my hands were hitting me in the head and now it hurts.

What the fuck, my life was going so well. I'm done
I've used to have some mental problems in my life but they were actually easy to understand.
Like "oh I feel like that because something something, it's not real I just think it is"

BUT NOW everything sounds like I'm making this up. Tried to calm myself down thinking hey I'm the one making this. I will just stop and it got worse when I tried

Sounds like I need to take jew pills but I'm scared that it will get worse hahah fuck


Oh wow, now I'm in panic.
I have a feeling like someone will break into the house and harm me or someone already got in.
Wanted to check if the door is locked but I couldn't, I'm scared too much.

The fuck is happening haha
Looks like all my mental illnesses decided to wake up at the same time. Wonderful


my mental illness is less about worrying people might have broken in and more about checking the door 50 times to make sure it's locked


That's why you only take LSD if your depressed AND enjoy psychological and existential horror.
Love horror movies or games while I forget who I am, ascribe grander meanings to things, and get trapped on puzzles for minutes that feel like hours.
Always lock my door and test it, makes piss breaks a pain though.


File: 1638966331773.jpg (1.32 MB,3264x1836,cat.jpg)

The person who raised me died recently, I'm always alone but they were one of the only people who acted invested in me, I took care of them for the last few years and with my declining mental state I did more to darken the mood than lighten it.

I left my cat with their spouse, and for some reason I miss them a lot right now. They'd follow me everywhere, sleep in my lap, bite me when I pet them too much. It's weird realizing the only being that enjoys my company that's still alive, is a cat, probably with stockholm syndrome.


Lost my phone today,had a bank account on it either phone number that doesn't exist anymore.

The only way to switch is to go to bank and show them ID. I also lost it today with my two hoodies in a bag although at different time.

Previously I lost my bank card.

I have no money at hand.
I'm living alone. Guess I'm just gonna starve then.

Holy fuck what the fuck is going on. I keep losing stuff.
Lmfao I guess I need a caretaker

At this point I see no other reasonable fix to this current situation than suicide. Tho I can't afford that either.

That's a lot of stuff to do and interactions with other people.
I'm glad that I have social phobia :-DDDD that's definitely gonna help

Tomorrow I have a ton of shit to do at work. Jesus, it would be so nice to die in sleep today.


Our reptilian lord is trying to teach you all you need is him, lizchan, and an internet connection.
I'm so scared of losing shit I'll constantly tap my pockets every once and awhile and never bring bags with me unless I keep them in my sight.
Couldn't you get a copy of your birth certificate and contact the bank and they'd freeze it?


brutal, why couldn't you keep the cat?


I'm mostly used to solitude, I left them with the old man because he's been married for 50+ years and now his house is empty, they live in a place she could run around and they get along, while i'm having to live in a city now.


File: 1639249335021.jpg (90.87 KB,1020x1020,1509924557255.jpg)

You are right, that must be it!
I'm not scared of losing I just lose things all the time.
I only do the tap for my keys and phone and e-cigs. Rest is not important!

>Couldn't you get a copy of your birth certificate and contact the bank and they'd freeze it?

Fortunately I disconnected my card before losing phone haha.
Well I found my ID it was outside in the bag with hoodies covered by snow. I forgot to take it inside because I was carrying a chair

Now all I have to do is to go to the bank and hope that they will accept my broken in half ID taped with transparent tape. Then I will be able to change the number and install the app.

Although it's not necessary anymore. Thankfully crypto exchange in which I have acc has option to make you a debit card!
I did it yesterday and it's online now, already ordered groceries with it.
Magic internet money literally saved my life

me in the pic


Typical liz, first stage of dementia, digital money investor, one of our cults own prototypes.
What's got you so busy?


Welp I got disowned, get to move back with my cat though that'll be nice.


Since I started living on my own, life feels like speedrun.
Days pass so fast, my memory gets worse and I have no energy.

Honestly it scares me deeply, the feeling of losing control.
Like I'm becoming less and less aware of everything going on.

Weird shit, does every adult Liz life feels like that?


Cont. >>6943
Stupid mood swings
Nevermind, now I feel like a badass


i just quit my shitty wage cuck job god fuck this society and shit hole of a planet


Same, I quit my job a few weeks ago. It was a pain leaving because I've been there so long but now it's finally concluded. Hopefully now I can get my mental health back under control.


>fuck this society and shit hole of a planet

woah Lizzies, why did you quit and what were you doing?


i was working a shitty warehouse job i literally told the manager "i'm out" and walked out


plant I was working at was closing. wasn't getting any severance so I just left


I'm trying to get back into IT jobs because they are chill compared to shitty manual labor.


Ah waow, why would you even drop IT.
99% of manual jobs are trash


my dumbass enlisted in the military got out with no skills other than shoot a fucking gun and drive a baby tank yep not much skills


Haha oh shit, you're still here
If I remember correctly this plan was going to turn out rather good?


File: 1640742987742.jpg (79.25 KB,1080x742,1634757974247.jpg)

some Family are dragging me into meeting after christmas and usually rely on me to keep conversations going or to share a smoke with.
It's making me nauseous thinking about it, I've just spent weeks getting up, watching horror movies or gaming, I forget how to act human after so much escapism/isolation.
Like I lose the ability to dissociate or escape for awhile after i'm dragged into social affairs.


didn't really turned out that bad i'm applying for VA benefits and i'll probably become a NEET for a while


File: 1640827218509.jpg (27.07 KB,303x550,81s8ER1h95L._AC_SY550_.jpg)

HONK HONK Lost almost all of my profit in crypto

Dang I was so close to buying cool VAN in which I can live.
Welp easy come easy go. No hard feelings since it didn't change anything for me.
Other than ordering bunch of food.
Still felt like shit and contemplated suicide.

At least now my mind is free of checking charts and stuff.
Well gotta find something else to do


File: 1640832015533.png (407.63 KB,1199x1697,1606857825567.png)

good good, welcome back to the POVERTY ZONE - never leave us


If it makes you feel any better the scratch tickets that I bought today didn't pay out either. If I could just win that $25,000 prize I could take a year off work. Oh well.


File: 1641337139550-0.gif (27.57 KB,160x215,Ms_Kitty.dfa761b4.gif)

Cont. >>6977
Well, I had to fill all that free time and got heavily addicted to League of Legends in like few days lol, again…
I will gladly stay in this zone. It was made for me. Thank you
Oh scratch tickets are cool. They're fun but I'm not gonna risk getting into it hah

I don't feel bad about that unrealized profit. That was fun so I don't mind
Got many NFTs in games and share in project with crypto scholarships that is supposed to launch in Q1 so I'm not done totally.

Watch me not selling it all again when it goes up in value lol


File: 1641341810358.png (171.26 KB,600x600,75e.png)

Oh I'm dumb, just counted NFTs and it's worth even more than that lost profit.
I'm really retarded, totally forgot how much I spent for those.
That's extra dumb how much I put into ponzi magic internet property.

Yet again my own stupidity and lack of critical thinking saved me
When do you Lizzies ape in with me?


Oh no playing games and full isolation does not shut the negative thoughts anymore.
Well, that always worked. I feel like shit

I can't fix the things that are causing it since they're not material at all.
My brain is trying to kill me hah
Stupid crap, has everything it needs and still bothers me


I know, my brain and guts are always sabotaging me. A lot of the time I just want to rest on the couch but the nerves is those two parts in my body keep telling me to be nervous about this or that, making my heart speed up. Not that I would do it but I can sort of understand why some people voluntarily lobotomized themselves back in the day.


File: 1641851559049.jpg (85.63 KB,585x573,serial_experiments_lain_fa….jpg)

Welp got laid off from doing remote stuff.
Now I have to work at place. I was being "not efficient".
Yeah, not efficient. I wonder what I would hear from Boss if I didn't do unpaid overtime hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
That just sounds like you have unfinished business that should be taken care of


well i'm not eating taco bell for a while fucking asshole is having a battle right now


>unfinished business

I stress out about nothing. I'm fully aware it's bullshit but like I said my nerves betray me.

stop complaining, you know that taco bell was totally worth the diarrhea


File: 1643322427553.png (111.24 KB,330x477,MJWvnSh.png)

Ah fuck my motor and vocal tics are back.
I have literally nothing to worry about.
Got some money, stable job, living on my own so no one bothers me(renting)
Yet I'm stressed as fuck. Whyyyy

I have to either be focused on work or games. If not then tics are haunting me.
So I'm basically showing middle finger or raising my hand near their faces quite often when coworkes are talking with me lol
At least most of vocal ones appear when i'm alone.
Like saying "hello" "good morning" "quiet" and something like ironic stress laugh.
It's super annoying and I have trouble falling asleep because of that.
Also when those happens my brain feels very umm unpleasant.
Like it would be separated for the time it happens

Hopefully it's just my waifu trying to communicate with me.
Yeah for sure!
No way that there is something wrong with my brain and I will become retarded instead of just dying. Haha
Damn, after rereading all this. It looks worse than I thought. I wonder how crazy it must look like to others hahahah


holy shit, I've been transfered from my room at work to some other one. The lights here are so bright that my eyes hurt. I will have to buy some sunglasses to be able to work here lol
also get a pair of some noise canceling headphones because people keep talking here.

I feel like autist


Shut up wagie, those blinding fluorescent lights are there to make you work harder! And take those headphones out, you need to be able to listen to your boss bark orders at you!


finally the weekend. 2 short days and it's back to hell.
and yet i have no motivation to do anything


>blinding fluorescent lights are there to make you work harder
Aah I see, that explains why it's painful for me
oh yeah, adult life rules when you are in no place to make the rules
>2 short days
I had to do some stuff and on Sunday gotta start cleaning since I'm moving somewhere cheaper and landlord gonna have people coming and lookin. Ahhh that;s gonna be weird

I have to max up my regen on Sunday otherwise I won't make it through the week


File: 1644520737541-0.jpg (229.72 KB,1080x1713,hshkbhhwvu481.jpg)

File: 1644520737541-1.png (210.89 KB,545x357,49t5tfngks481.png)

File: 1644520737541-2.jpg (88.96 KB,714x748,uoof75ua40671.jpg)

File: 1644520737541-3.png (29.89 KB,128x128,1623895910439.png)



The people in the first image are soulless. If they go away, nothing is lost. I've started to think businesses and governments (including citizens) have competing interests. Businesses are for self gain and want to screw over everyone as much as possible for the greatest amount of profit. If they could profit from child labor or slave labor, they would. Governments should try to improve the situations of its citizens. Otherwise, it would be the citizens/workers vs the businesses, which have all the power. The woman in the first picture should get stuffed for trying to screw everyone else over.


It's a jungle, just a concrete one - and I don't feel expressly built for it, everythings transactional, whether it be simple conversation or our ability to live and need to toil for it. Everyone knows this but I don't know how they just continue on, looking away from the darker parts of life, sacrificing their time through work to continue having it, squeezing life for everything it has to appease desires never asked for.
I don't like the life thing, too weak to live or die. Just sitting in my room 24/7 enduring my mind water torturing me - or indulging in escapism and harder and harder drugs.
And weirdly enough seeing my self destructive tendencies reflected by the world at large, just others having more fun while doing it.
Spent to much time trying to understand the world and ended up losing most my desire to live in it.


File: 1648761925512.jpg (37.91 KB,810x539,slob.jpg)

I'm sick of being a failure at everything I do.




File: 1648818018563.webm (147.61 KB,960x540,1623658811508.webm)

Very unrelatable, had to pass the successful winner test to get my ip whitelisted here.


My brain feels fried from all the data hoarding, procrastinating and dopamine rushes I get from all the information on the internet.


same. fucking internet, I hate this place and yet I'm addicted to it


I was going to write that it doesn't affect me but forgot how my weekends look like.
Play games(that's pretty much all I do in free time anyway) for the entire time and cleaning the mess I made late in the night.
Feeling bad and unsatisfied.

I guess I just need to limit it and find some other not brain frying activity, right?

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