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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.
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just tag all niggers


Gelbooru uses Google captcha.


My motherboard makes noises that sound like old hard drive.
Just now I noticed that it stops when moving mouse. Unpluggoing changes nothing.


File: 1709795271080.jpg (71.45 KB,700x718,aom3XEMo_700w_0.jpg)

Mommy forced me to look for job.
I will end up in a call center or some shit.
Good, maybe that will awaken something in me.
Hate towards shitty job perhaps will push me forward.

One can only hope, I am in total stagnation for over a decade.


I see high school from window and like 90% of ppl are dressed in Y2K fashion.
Weird simulation vibes


>I see high school from window and like 90% of ppl are dressed in Y2K fashion.
What is that?


>Hate towards shitty job perhaps will push me forward.
unless you turn into a brown nosing scumbag and can handle way more responsibility you can't get ahead in the workplace. guys like us have to settle for the lowest pay shit jobs, only once in my entire long career have I made a decent amount more than the minimum wage and that was only for a short while


File: 1711844591930.png (4.16 KB,233x216,images.png)

I dropped phone into toilet bowl and it died in piss


nvm, it came back to life
-sent from pissphone


>sent from
smartphone poster detected. I hope your piss fries the motherboard


I'm so sick of being poor. every day I worry about money


My steppfather forced me to drink because I'm a huge pussy and he's quite abusive.

I had tears in my eyes from forced socialization.
He showed me his new car outside later.

When comming back there were 3 girls smoking a cig outside and he invitted them in.
They were talking and I was sitting quiet on the floot lol

One girl gave me her number and said that her granda is looking for someone to train in carpentry and she can give me free courses.

Xd what the fuck
(guy is 70+)

Im realy drunk, think img onna puke


Said something about being obsessed with ppl with autism xd
WHatever, I hope my retarded ass will get employed or trained


Oh the embeded youtube link is not working like it should.

Anyway I puked and nowv going to sleep, after washing teeth ofc.


Nevermind I didnt embed right


but overral Im in profit, in his drunken state he gave galaxy s6 smartwatch and some new phone.
So I wont be using a relic from 2014.
Probably will use it for ubereats deliveries since I finally have a reliable device.
if choose to earn a living this way.


total normie faggot shit. might as well let google shove an anal probe up your ass


Agree, but if I had to choose one I would rather be probed than wear something on wrist.
Out of gratitude I had it on for a night.
Woke up with red itchy burning wrist, it must have ton of nickel.

>total normie faggot shit

Yeah, the only one function that could be somewhat useful for me is signal for being stressed.
Because I'm too retarded to realize that sometimes lol


I wear a cheap digital watch. I like to know the time and I have my dumb phone turned off 99% of the time.


my job makes me stress out so much I could cry and vomit. I feel so trapped because I need money


What kind of traumatic job is that,sucking gangster's dick?
Joking, I fully understand this.
You either overcome this or spiral down into even worse state of mind.
Know this because that's me >>6325 lol
Feel free to chat I know what you are going through.


nothing too traumatic, but some days too much human interaction and responsibility for me to handle. me spiralling down any lower would lead to insolvency, I must wage slave for peanuts to live. I don't want to be like one of those homeless guys in my neighbourhood who sleeps on a cardboard box


re-reading my post it did make me sound like a hoe. no I've never had sex or sold my body, I have a normal shitty job, I'm a male


Haha I didnt read it like that until you pointed it out. Hilarious


File: 1713444864851.png (147.63 KB,600x456,cancer.PNG)

youtube algorithm is so terrible, i thought that was temporary but it's like that for a long time.

Like what the fuck is this cringe title and bunch of retards clicking it.
Same with slowed + reverb songs.

Keep clicking not interested and hide channel, I dont think it does anything.


File: 1713553077892.jpg (28.25 KB,481x360,qgtqpaofqf5ot26ld3fwmvq3vn….jpg)

Bacteria is eating my feet.
It's called pitted keratolysis.
It doesn't stink or itch yet, hoping it will disappear on it's own.

Also my balls hurt, kidneys a bit too.
I had too much cheese this week and that's the result.
It's quite painful, I dont want to visit ER again lol
Most of the time nothing happens but I will probably stop eating products with milk in it now.
Right after that one last pancake


antibiotics, brother. The most commonly used one for this is OTC. The Wikipedia page on it is very helpful, too. Hell, I feel more knowledgeable now that I've read it.

I am growing stronger, lizzies. My knowledge is expanding, and there's nothing society can do about it. Soon, it'll be too late, and the world will know of my POWER.


File: 1713795837730-0.jpg (28.55 KB,400x571,BkxFD67CQAAxZhs.jpg)

File: 1713795837730-1.jpg (27.86 KB,604x427,z18271257Q,A-to-uczucie-do….jpg)

Been gifted motivational book for women on how to be more confident lmao
Mother's guy often buys random crap like that without even glancing over

it has shitty images like these
"what pisses me off the most are PEOPLE"
"new season, new costume, new fat folds"

Sorry Lizzies I'm going to read it, queen gotta slaaaay


do any of you post on 162


is that one of the triforce chans?
if so, no, i'd never


Drop link


please don't start wearing makeup liz


Thanks liz, you motivated me to look it up.
I would probably postpone indefinetely if you didnt post.


File: 1714097170364.jpg (96.5 KB,700x551,aRw9rDQA_700w_0.jpg)

This unit escorts you "straight" to gay jail.

I wish these had flag's colors like variations for each gender. That would look better.
Oh and there is brown line too. They should make full brown one that only blacks could drive, now that would be inclusive!


Definetely will put on emo eyeliner when I kms as a satire


No problem. Glad my post actually helped.


this site warmblooded?


Nah, but feel free to post about your lost virginity and social life, mod isn't banning for that


File: 1714387592430.jpg (354.99 KB,1280x1808,1.jpg)



File: 1714688721720.gif (871.39 KB,346x360,1625594041444.gif)

Spent so much time looking for a job that I forgot to practise the skillset for the jobs I am applying to


I managed to talk with my parents and if I go to uni with him then I will rent free.
Good stuff because I would go broke otherwise.
Dont know what specifaction to choose.

How long?
I was looking for one too but not that hard. Nobody called obviously.


Well my job contract ended at end of March so I'd say since then. But even then my stack is just quite rusty


you have skills?


File: 1715057464747.jpeg (174.31 KB,1984x1488,image.jpeg)

I dont feel comfortable posting cringeworthy images without spoiler, will this function be fixed?
It's like that since site ressurection


X-men 97 is pretty good


cont. >>7516
>if I go to uni with him then I will rent free
|/ |
| (_)
| \|/
| |
| / \


File: 1715655653710.jpg (218.37 KB,891x1024,phil-891x1024-1.jpg)

Two beers made me feel like I can achieve everything, unstopable power of will.
If I wake up as weakling feeling like shit, tears will fall and I will turn into alcoholic.


File: 1716184210865.jpg (35.13 KB,429x428,a3paED3j_700w_0.jpg)


File: 1716450450118.jpeg (263.71 KB,632x704,jastbnwydt1d1.jpeg)

Fags post more, naow!


File: 1718759645218.jpg (60.06 KB,700x875,alabjkd4_700w_0.jpg)

I have flawless intuition but barely follow it as it's always really weird and out of place.
Starting now that will be my only way of thinking, gonna abort all thoughts and let it fully guide me.
Will update in a week

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