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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.
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Lol why meth tho?
Have you already tried every substance that is better than meth?


Don't, doing meth was one of the worst experiences of my life. Being on it was like a half an hour of euphoria followed by hours and hours of sheer hell. I'm pretty sure the drug helped contribute to the current psychological problems I have today.


File: 1642563372181.png (268.56 KB,640x500,1622303584785.png)

I live in meth country and it's the cheapest/steadiest thing I can find. Most people I know under the age of 50 have done it or are.
I don't know I just want to feel something other than sadness or emptiness, 13 years of the same looping cycle, I assume it'd shake things up a bit even if for the worse in the long run.
What's better than meth? I've tried a lot but nootropics mean I can never say them all.
It really doesn't last that long? I'm already beyond repair really, it's more of a finally feel something for a few months before checking out thing. I'll try tianeptine for the opiate effects again for a month or so before making up my mind, and think about it a bit harder.


>last that long?

The high can last for days, and in that time you're barely eating or sleeping. I honestly don't understand the appeal of the drug.


Know a lot of people that use and people that have threw their lives away for it - hell my dads using it, must be pleasant in some sense, and it seems to give you energy and motivation - even if it's just to make money for more that's more than what I currently have. I have people I can talk to that are on it I'll ask them as much as possible.


Well whatever, you're gonna do what you're gonna do, but if you're anything like me the drug will just put your stomach in knots and make you feel like shit. Hopefully it won't damage your brain too much.


Oh come on, Lizards have standards.
There are so many other substances.

It sounds like you just want to do something considered "bad" to highlight your current mental state of not caring and being depressed.

It won't be worth it in the long run.
I'm not against drugs btw


brain already maximum damaged, impossible.
Maybe, but i've also just been surrounded by it forever, mainly interested by the claimed euphoria/energy. don't remember what happiness or drive feel like anymore beyond simple animal examples. What would you recc instead?


>already maximum damaged

try being in my head for a week :(


That sounds interesting but you owe me financial restitution if it's somehow worse than my own okay


I wish I could pay someone to take all my mental illnesses for a week, that would be a pretty nice service. Unfortunately I'm trapped in this head of mine.


I'd do it, I can handle fucked situations for at least a week before I go full self destruct mode, and i'd further understand my fellow lizards struggles.


futons > beds

I love sleeping on futons. They save me the effort of getting up and going into the bedroom, I can just unfold the sofa and sleep where I've been relaxing.


>Unfolding the futton
You're a highly motivated liz
I don't even unfold them


And I even put a sheet down. I am super motivated you're right!


YouTube music recommendations got stuck and it keeps showing me the same stuff all the time.
So I decided to swap to soundcloud as it used to show me some good music.
In one week I managed to destroy it and it keeps giving me super shitty low effort autotune trash.
Back to YouTube then



Meth kind of sucks, every drug I hear about that people say causes euphoria doesn't for me, except psychedelics but that's more a mix of terror/awe.
It just feels like a painkiller that gives you some energy, not worth 25$ for two days worth, how am i supposed to be motivated to wageslave when even the most addictive drugs are kind of lackluster.


I finally woke up early in the morning by waking up earlier yesterday, taking a warm shower before going to bed, and disconnecting from any electronics and abstaining from caffeine. The good part is getting up early and having motivation throughout the day. The bad part is not nightly gaming when everyone else is up. The benefits far outweigh the costs for me, though.


Nice, you make it look so easy.
The motivation part is so relatable, I feel so dead and hopeless when waking up at 4pm lol

>The bad part is not nightly gaming

I keep falling into this, some nights are so tempting that it's hard to let go.
This week I tried to not play at all, but Friday came and my sleepning hours went sto shit.

What games you play most often?


been sleeping like ass lately
who knows, i may sleep like tits one day :P


cont. >>7116
Nvm, fixed it. For some reason managed to sleep around 17 hours and woke up at 8am. Without any planning or trying.
Easy peasy!

Eyemask + earplugs do wonders
Also that ritual which liz described above.
You should try it


I went to bed later at like, 11:40 PM yesterday, and didn't fall asleep until a bit later. Then, I woke up at 12 PM. I'm going have to try to wake up earlier tomorrow.

I play Warcraft 3 sometimes, and all the good games are usually at night since people are usually off work by then. Otherwise, Dwarf Fortress and Morrowind in spurts. I don't play either very often, though. I don't really know what I play regularly anymore, lol.

Nice, now you just have to keep up that schedule!


>Warcraft 3
I mosty played custom games, my favorite was called Vampire vs Humans or something like that.
It was like tower defense. I still remember getting angry when players decided to suck dry instead of turning me into their minion.
It was the first game that gave me adrenaline boost.

Always wanted to try Dwarf Fortress but never accumulated enough motivation to learn it.
You play on OG version or that with graphics?

Tried to play Morrowind few times but the combat system is too old for me.

>you just have to keep up that schedule!

It got screwed up back the next day haha
I didn't sleep yet in order to fix it today but I'm struggling.
Can't take naps because I will just keep turning off alarm every few minutes and sleep lol


File: 1691171528407.png (139.88 KB,402x483,come_spam.png)


I also play custom games. You might be thinking of Vampirism. I used to play that, but I never got good at the game as a vampire, and never wanted to learn being a human. I don't like tower defenses either because I think it's just memorization of the waves and trial and error. I like playing team games like Arena of Ancients or hero defense games. I guess those are also kind of trial and error, but it feels less punishing for some reason. Also, it's good to have a team so you're allowed to make mistakes.

>Always wanted to try Dwarf Fortress but never accumulated enough motivation to learn it.

>You play on OG version or that with graphics?

Yea, I play the OG version with the original ASCII graphics. I don't play very often since it's both in development and I don't trust the game. Still, you can do alright if you close your borders, have enough food, and give people things to do. With that, it's just carving out rooms for things like temples, dining rooms, bedrooms, and a place for people to make stuff. Then, just make chairs, doors, and beds, furnish those places so people can sit, sleep, and live, and you have a functional fortress.

The hard thing is increasing production and inventory management. I have rocks and gems everywhere, and I want them processed into crafts and polished to be put onto crafts, but it seems to take a long time to train people for the latter. I want a metal industry, but have no coal nearby. So, I either need lots of wood for fuel or magma. Getting magma up takes a long time, but getting wood for fuel takes a few people up. I need someone to cut the wood, someone to turn the wood into fuel, someone to transport the fuel near the smelter, and someone to smelt something. That's not counting mining the metals, transporting them, turning them into bars, etc. It takes a lot of people to do something, but also a lot of work to get the magma. In short, I want to make my trading partners happy by giving a lot of goods, but there's a lot of pieces to this puzzle to make a profitable fort. It can be pretty fun to think of how to do it though. Every fort I have requires working with what's available to me and the unique problems that come with it. I could just take it easy and settle at places with the resources I need, but I don't seem to want to do that. I guess I like doing it, though.



>Tried to play Morrowind few times but the combat system is too old for me.

Morrowind has a pretty archaic combat system, but it's pretty simple. Keep your fatigue (stamina) high, avoid enemies who could kill you, like people with two handed weapons (since they do a huge amount of damage), and upgrade skills and stats (most importantly endurance) to increase the difficulty of your enemies. You'll start with animals and minor undead (minus skeletons kinda) until you can kill humans. The most important thing is getting your primary weapon skill to like, 70, which is easy enough. You start at like, 40 or 50 with a warrior-like class. With that, you'll stop missing mostly. Focus on health so you don't get one shot, and you're good.

I've played three successful instances of permadeath runs, and those are my go-tos for surviving combat. There's more, but I don't want to type if no one's interested. Money is also very important since you can train skills for very cheap. Get good mercantile, and you can basically play without endangering yourself unnecessarily.

>It got screwed up back the next day haha

Same. Still, I'm pretty sure if you wake up at like, 9 AM every day no matter what, even if you take a nap and can't go to sleep until 4 am, you'll at least be able to be awake in morning. Then, you can do other stuff. I like being up in the morning, and I don't mind if I fall asleep again at like, 2 PM. I did my morning things. I'm good.


Ah yeah, Vampirism - good times.

>ASCII graphics

Watch out, we got a badass here
I will go for updated version.
Not determined enough for original.
What do you mean by not trusting the game?

I played something similar called RimWorld, sunk like 300h into it but dropped it because it tends to slow down - be dedicated enough to make a successful game yet too fucking stupid to build it around multicore usage.
Also with that amount of revenue dude now could easily hire people to just rewrite the code.
That's literally the only complain about this game from community. Fuck that guy and every studio which keeps making 1-2core games.


Oh thank you for this guide.
It's enough to make me want to try it again.
I will also check some tips online.
But some time later when I have less to do.

>9 AM every day no matter

Great plan, sounds like it should do the trick. Will be trying this out tomorrow


Hurrah, that's what I was seeking for, what a information! existing here at this webpage, thanks admin of this web page.


I play the ASCII version because it's what I'm used to, not because of some superiority complex. I don't trust the game to not bug out or do unintended things like having a miner mine the floor out from beneath him or have a worker not work even though the task's been set out and he has the equipment. That's happened to me before a lot. I'll babysit if I think the game's not going to do what I want to. Things are easy to visualize, like dumping a minecart into magma, but hard to put into practice, like carving out the rails, setting dumping conditions, and getting the minecart on the track for some reason. The game is a child in terms of development. There's a lot of things that aren't polished.

>I played something similar called RimWorld, sunk like 300h into it but dropped it because it tends to slow down - be dedicated enough to make a successful game yet too fucking stupid to build it around multicore usage.

Also with that amount of revenue dude now could easily hire people to just rewrite the code.

Even Dwarf Fortress is now trying to allow the game to use multiple CPU cores. Still, I've heard Rimworld surpassed Dwarf Fortress on many things already. That it's a more complete and bug-free game.


File: 1691460880328-0.png (862.55 KB,1000x1500,fz00xlzou6a71.png)

File: 1691460880328-1.jpeg (44.85 KB,637x358,download (1).jpeg)

Haha all is good Liz I didn't even think about superiority or anything like that.
Was just jokingly showing my amazement. You are staring at Matrix after all.

Oh so it's that buggy? I assumed the opposite because of how long it is in development.
That's a bummer, for me there's nothing worse than immersion breaks in sim.
>There's a lot of things that aren't polished
Oh noes, same as above.


Although sometimes there are slight issues with pathing.
But you can get a mod for that.
>character may lock themselves up while building 3 block thick wall
Another mod to fix.
Other than that nothing at all.

>more complete game

Unable to compare because I didn't play DF yet but can tell you how I feel about RW.

Characters feel real and it's so easy to make scenarios and add up to their stories in your head.
I do not know how to explain this feeling.
It's just so easy to feel your characters. Be it something small like your first colonists getting into a social fight.
Or even a death of newly met character which you imprisoned by force just to show them a better side of this planet,that just impaled themselves to death on a trap while trying to escape because their beliefs were different than these of colony, lol

Which reminded me when my colonists had a party full of drugs. Not everyone was having fun, and that one decided to say something mean to their best friend that previously bought her freedom from a slave trader.

Didn't take it well, in retaliation for talking shit one punch was made.
It sometimes happens, but it broke her damn skull. Dead on spot.
After this accident I decided that everyone who disrespect leader will have to fight.
After third time due to getting bitten infection took place and was spreading too fast.
Shortly after leader's death we've been raided and story ended!

Oh damn, you gonna make me start playing RW again.

The selection of mods is huuuge, you can play it however you want.
There is a lot of freaky shit too, real fun


People hogging the sidewalk make me mad. They know someone faster is right behind them and they don't have the basic courtesy of slightly moving to the side.
Then you have groups of two or more who act like they own the streets and feel they have the right to take up as much space as possible, and the ones who just stand there and chat and make passersby have to awkwardly walk in between them, and the ones who get off the bus or a building totally oblivious to the flow of pedestrians they might bump into, the ones who abruptly stop in the middle of a busy street, and the list just goes on and on. I could mention the idiots staring at their phones but they susprisingly rare, thankfully.

what the fuck is wrong with people. No decency whatsoever.


>know someone is right behind them
Not everyone has your computing power, most are oblivious to their surroundings and are too dumb to even think they may be blocking.
>groups owning the street
Just be vocal about it.
I say "excuse me" (Idk, if it's the right phase to say in English). Had no issues
>have to awkwardly walk in between them
Haha I love doing this, makes me feel like a king.

But I fully get your annoyance.
It used to drive me absurdly angry.
After realizing their stupidity and how strong direct confrontation is, the problems with moving just went away.

Also love bumping into people(rarely happens though) who go opposite way and take too much space or overall walk like ass.
Oh, sorry - deescalates physical contact and may turn their brain on.

But most of the time confident swift walk does the trick.


Thanks for the reply.
I do keep witnessing the weirdest behaviour while out in the streets. I find that saying something to people in the way (very courteously of course) is somewhat passive-agressive, it is a last resort when I am sure that they have not seen or heard me and are idly standing around, not doing anything or going anywhere. I would not want to be an ass to someone going at their own pace, taking care of childen, unloading and carrying stuff, or older or disabled persons. Usually I make sure to make my presence known when I am behind them, by jingling my keys, making loud footsteps or what have you… What kills me is that almost no one has the decency to proactively check they are not bothering anyone around them, and when it does happen they seldom care anyway. I swear some people do it on purpose just because they can, or in the case of groups they feel like they have the right of way and everyone else should stand aside. I may be overthinking this I don't know.

>Haha I love doing this, makes me feel like a king

Yeah I know that feel, more or less. I get as physically close as possible to them to make them feel uncomfortable, but it's not like anyone doing this would give a damn anyway.


I like how I have triple A games and professionally made games with huge file sizes and development teams, like, from a game studio, but still get really excited over a Touhou doujin game around serving customers in a restaurant.


By procrastinating and postponing pretty much everything I managed to lose whole discipline I had.

Every task seems huge, gets me tired just thinking about it.

Breaking routine wasn't worth it even a bit, shieeeet


File: 1694185768577.png (694.35 KB,900x523,1639982950015.png)

lizzies do you think we will get vr worlds like the ones of sword art online?
like, you can get the things in your head and you feel like in the game.
i wanna date my waifu on the ai world, do the kinky too.


Highly doubt it that it will be happening "in your head".
If they manage to do this I'm sure it will have horrific effect on most of population and none of good stuff.

If you already didn't make one then learn about Tulpas.
Just need some dedication and that's all.
Used to be into this but I'm not even fit to talk to my other self without "one of us" getting toxic in the long run lmao


If we get it, I'm sure there's going to be lots of ad and tracking software. You want to be kinky in AI? It's going to measure your "performance". I don't trust anything any more.


This thread is almost three years old. I wonder if the guy who made the thread is still here? I wonder if anyone who's posted in the past is still here? It's getting pretty lonely around here.


File: 1694986932752.gif (1.66 MB,350x197,bike.gif)

I'm still here, mostly because there isn't many places I can go to now, but what gives.
>It's getting pretty lonely around here.
The key to fix that is to get busy. Getting busy == mind focused on something else => No longer thoughts about solitude.


hello I remembered this place and tower
I guess there's a reason for inactivity not only on here.


There used to be leagues between here and /tower/, but the userbase has shrunk so they're a lot closer relatively.


Good morning lizzies, I wish you all a good day


Well, I come to lizchan every day to see any new posts regardless of how busy I am. I never get too busy to forget about this place. I just don't post all the time like when I was posting some cute pictures before it got deleted. lol. I'm not doing that again. Anyways, I'm glad you're still here. I try to post a bit to make sure this place doesn't go completely dead.


My sister's two years old is leading her by the nose. The little shit always makes a mess and is obnoxiously loud, but his overprotective mother's threats are empty and he knows it.
I would not care if it were not for the brat shouting all the fucking time. The mere possibility of them visiting us is enough to make me anxious. I talked to my mother and she agrees but she does not do a damn thing either.


you too Liz!

>was posting some cute pictures
>not doing that again
Ah nvm, good to read that you are still here, missed you


I'm not the original cute poster. I never started the thread, but I was posting the cute pictures for a few months before the thread was closed down. I can start up again if other people want, though. I think there have been three cute posters, including me.


Looks like Wizchan's down.


File: 1695469406474.gif (884.93 KB,256x192,clussy.gif)

Sometimes I thought about going back to wizchan, but that site has too many people purposefully pulling others down. While lizchan isn't that much active, I can confidently say that at least it doesn't host that kind of behaviour.

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