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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.
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Knowing me, I'd arrive on the worst part of the island and die first.


That mat is way too thin to sleep on imo.


>die first

what if you got one of the uzis?



Die slightly later in the lower middle rank.


File: 1647376458604.png (254.79 KB,500x469,1647293573501.png)

Healthy young man goes to lizchan, gets pumped with massive doses of autism, doesn't feel good and changes - DEPRESSION. Many such cases!


I'm craving for some taco bell right now. might have to get me some today


I ordered 4 spicy 50cm pizzzas for the weekend.
Effect was the same


nice, I bet those massive pizzas tasted good going down.

I never got around to going to taco bell, got tired while on my bike and had to settle for Wendy's. oh well, another day


File: 1648468396706.jpg (1.02 MB,2095x2618,catfish.jpg)

Is it normal to always be hungry? I could eat a pizza, start on the next or wait 5 minutes and eat another like nothing.
The only hard limit would be entering a carb coma or waiting 30 minutes if your stomach is in pain.
I'm only 10 pounds overweight, but i'm constantly hungry. Do I have worms? Is it an instinctual drive to devour physical reality itself? Is it because i'm American? thank you for reading.


>Do I have worms?

Possibly, one frozen pizza should be enough to fill up a none obese liz. Have you ever eaten any uncooked fish? You could have a massive tapeworm inside you that's stealing your food.


Oh i also over-eat.
Same stuff as you. Most likely you streched your stomach. That's why it feels like that.

I have some schizo thoughts and trauma that's why I always ate rarerly but if so then I stuffed myself till feeling sick.

~After moving out I was able to eat what I want stress free.
Due to my eating habits and all the food for myself I managed to gain weight. So I'm finally not skeleton but a normal ape.
In my case it's muh thought process.
Celebrate the feeling of freedom and clear mind, eat like a pig! Something along those lines


Visited my family (mother,bro,step-dad)
To do some laundry and eat some actual food.
I keep forgeting how nice and comfy being there feels.
Living alone isn't so bright but I will forget about it on few days.
The same way I would get used to this sometimes nice atmosphere in family surroundings.

It's really scary and depressing how fast one can stop appreciating the good fast.
Fucking brain made by evolution to always seek greater things.

I think the only solution to that is extreme minimalism in terms of living the life.
Since you get used to having nothing and stop running for useless shit.
What do you think?


I try to be a minimalist mostly because I don't want to turn into a hoarder.


Initially I went for minimalism because I liked the looks of huge free space.
It's a great thing. Cleaning is so much faster. Just clothes and dishes. No other things laying around.
I went as far as wearing the same set of clothing. The only downside is that people (if you ever see any) are going to think that you wear dirty rags all the time lol


I'm more of a cover my face with blankets and try to forget about the mess in the other room kind of person. I try not to buy new things because I have a hard time throwing out stuff

>wearing the same set of clothing

absolutely nothing wrong with doing this liz. spray some body spray on yourself in the morning and you're good as new. no showers or change of clothing needed


You call it hoarding I call it a rich life well lived with lots of mementos


and then some day one of those piles of mementos falls over and crushes you


Wtf, i meant having the same looking clothes. Not actually wearing same dirty rags lol


>not wearing dirty rags

gotta look good for the ladies, eh Rex?


Exactly, clean clothes go well with bio-weapon trainers.
Those swaggy shoes smell so bad that I keep them outside.
Their essence really does wonders on those lizgrills.


smelly shoes are an essential part of every lizards self-defence mechanism. I wear smelly socks as well to help add to my protection


I'm sure mine smell worse.
While sitting I feel their flavour.


Grandpa had a heart attack, brought him to the hospital. sitting in my room listening to weeb music, high on speed.


A heart attack, after that the poor heart usually isn't the same.

My worst nightmare is one of my close family members having a medical emergency and needing an organ transplant, with me being the only suitable donor. I'd probably be too much of a coward to go through with it, I'm afraid of surgery and death.


Ahhh yesss, "Mass of Fermenting Dregs" I remember posting it here years ago


YOOOOOO just noticed that lizchan.xyz redirects here
I wonder if some liz got here this way


Yea one of the bad parts of living with grandparents, gonno live through those last stressful years with them.
It'd depend what mood i was in, I don't do much with my organs I may be willing to share.
Classic but i need more weeb music, I don't think i've truly looked since I was 18ish
I checked after thinking the sites been dead for years out of a glimmer of hope and that's how i got here again


>gonno live through those last stressful years with them

I bet they snore a lot and complain about their aches and pains


I thought this site was gone for years now, what in the world happened? I just clicked on this in my bookmarks by accident.


sup liz, what have you been doing all these years?


Liz pride world wide brothers. When the time comes, the world will shed its skin and a new era of lizard supremacy shall reign.


Didn't get my pizza cuz some fucking ukrainian was too lazy to ring the door bell.
At least I picked the option pay by cash.

Most of ukr immigrants are retarded


File: 1651476856607.gif (187.72 KB,550x543,1592074998372.gif)

I am laundering American tax money through my constant need for expensive medicine, use of snap, and possible approval of disability. I do not produce anything. I am here to bleed the system until they rip me off like a bloated tick. I am here to accelerate the downfall, and live in escapism.


based parasite liz


File: 1651538171852.gif (22.56 KB,326x230,A league of legends charac….gif)

Ate so many jalapeno burgers from McDonald's that I almost puked but couldn't because it's already deep in my stomach.
If I knew you I would be proud.
I'm hoping that you are comfortable with it and having a blast.

I want to fucking die again. Shouldn't have skipped those two three days of smoking legal cbd weed


wtf, why doesn't my local mcdonald's sell jalapeno burgers?


File: 1651694798123.png (707.82 KB,920x920,Jalapeno-1.png)

Oh so it's regional then.
You have no idea what you're missing out.
The sauce is so creamy and light but a tiny bit spicy.
It looks like on the pic except smashed and sauce is also outside lol


the mcdonald's around here have a lame value menu. pretty well all I can get is mcdoubles and junior chickens :(


In poland we have 2forU sets.
You can choose hamburger/cheeseburger/chikker/jalapeño + fries/soda.

It costs (less) almost the same as mcdouble.

I really like wraps but they're super expensive when you compare it to 2forU.
So I mostly eat jalapeños like a pig.


File: 1651701550550.jpg (16.74 KB,383x240,Lizzie.jpg)

i may have found a job today. crossing my lizard fingers.


File: 1651721123801.jpg (34.61 KB,678x381,king_meal.jpg)

king meal deals are my fast food go to's (along with kfc fill ups). two burgers, fries and a drink for around the same price as a mcdoubles meal. cheap enough that even a poor like myself can afford. I've eaten so many of these big king jr's the past few months


>posting dumb looking 3dpd not related to anything
Get out Stacy


Found the lizard!


haha, I get it. Lizzy McGuire. Good luck on the job prospects.


The Liz with no bath tube or shower here. Just a washing bowl
Central heating is off so I have to get warm water from kettle.
It's so annoying but the worst thing is that even when I wash everything carefully.
I smell kinda bad in the crotch area and armpits.
I don't get it. Removed the hair there and no difference. Using deodorants.

Any tips?


How did it go?


if you have a sink you should be able to take a bird bath like guys in prison do


I'm sleeping 14 hours every day, listening to music, dumb youtube shlock, and playing videogames while warping through time. I need more drugs.
Get some wet wipes to wash Armpits>Crotch, when my water went out it kept me from becoming a walking biological contaminant.


Bad. Wagecucking postponed for now. I lost the prev job just because I didn't want to take the jab. Fak normies.


Way to go against the grain.


>Wagecucking postponed for now.

you say this like it's a bad thing

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