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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.
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> you mean you use a public wifi
Nah, office office. Im living here, well until the end of this month.

Because retard landlord got mad that I couldnt answer the phone because it was broken.
When I told him that he threatened me that this might be my last month living here. (He called a plumber to do some sevage system, it happens at least once a month then I have to hold my shit or pee in the bottles. Because he won't tell me few minutes earlier)

Well I was shocked, didnt know what to do so I just turned my back on him in silence and went back inside.
Also people working here cant close the fucking gate so he is also mad at this.

Sooooo the Boss will be looking for some other office, since landlord is also annoying him and he does not fix the broken stuff + always is bitching about something.

My dream of living inside the workplace will be probably gone. There are slim chances that He will find something where I can also live.

Oh god I cant imagine going outside daily and commuting.
Soooo I either go back to my mother and make a comeback of shitting in jars and peeing in bottles. (Bitch occupies the bathroom for hours and doesnt give a fuck)
Or get a room in a shared flat with some random normans.
Both options suck and the first one is not even certain.

Thanks for the site Liz


I always thought about living in an office, must be nice. Hopefully there aren't wageslaves walking through your area during the day.

>shared flat

This would suck. Bachelor apartments are nice if you can find one cheap.

>Thanks for the site Liz

not my site lol





Sorry, I've been away from my computer to process the photos. I'll try to get them on the site as soon as I can.

- 🦎


this summer heat is killing me. I felt like I was about to pass out today, some guy even came up to me and asked if I was ok


Yeah it is horrible. I do not understand the normals who love the season, when more often than not the temperatures are unbearable.


they probably like the heat because it allows them to wear less cloths, which gives them the ability to shamelessly show off their boobies and butts


I should start eating out at the local soup kitchen. Do they get mad if none homeless people eat there?


It's more like the days are longer and there is more sunlight: but then you're forced to stay home in the dark when it gets too hot so what's the point? What's the point if you're tired all the time because the nights are so hot you cannot even sleep? Where I live AC is uncommon in private homes, but even then, to be stuck in air conditioned boxes 24/7 makes it a lot worse than winter where you can at least get out and move with proper clothing.
It's not even a rich/poor thing, because you will find as many if not more in the latter group saying they enjoy this weather, even though they are more likely to directly suffer from it.

Nowadays heaven forbid we get weather that was considered normal up until ten or fifteen years ago, heat-loving idiots will complain that it is not hot and sunny enough. Move to the sahara or something JFC.


People are idiots. They move to places like Florida and Arizona saying they like the weather and then when they get there they go from their air conditioned home to car to workplace. Yeah sure, you like the weather, when you're looking out your window at it.

It's like in my country with all these third world immigrants living in the cold regions. They clearly can't stand the weather, you never really see them outside in the winter months. Clearly they're not meant to live in cold regions or their skin wouldn't be so dark. And yet here they are, living in a place where they depend on indoor heating 24/7. I almost wish infrastructure would break down so these people are forced to deal with the climate.


I live in a hot climate. It's pretty regularly 90+ F during Summer or late Spring. I never liked the heat. Just like >>7395 said, you can bundle up in the cold, but not for heat. Although, maybe lots of thin layers might help with that. No one ever tries that anyways. I would say no one is meant to live in too hot place or too cold places. We just say "fuck you" to the world and live wherever we want because we don't take the Earth's shit. Living in these places and defying heat by being in air conditioning or wearing light clothing is a good thing to me. Screw heat and cold. 76 Degrees all the way.


>I would say no one is meant to live in too hot place or too cold places.

I have to disagree with this. I couldn't live in Mexico, the few times I visited there my skin was peeling off all of the time and I was zapped of energy. Mexicans with their reddish sun dried skin could handle it, not me. I'd probably get skin cancer and die within a few years if I lived in a place that hot.


I can see that. I'd think skin cancer would be higher in these countries anyways. I definitely wouldn't say white people belong in the cold though. I don't belong there. Not to mention that they have specialized buildings and clothing there too to help. I will say regardless, the sun is your enemy.


I've been sick since yesterday and I'm getting a little better. It's bad enough to confine me to my bed for warmth. I haven't done anything today either. I also lost my job. I don't regret it at all. I'm just waiting for my last paycheck and a few other confirmations and I'm good. That means I'll have to get another job, and that's scary for me. On the other hand, that also means the job can be more pleasant than this last one. Maybe I'll find one that I really like? Still, the entry jobs barely pay a living wage. My last job was special in which it paid just above a living wage where I'm at, but I had to travel for it. Very gross society we live in.


I lost my job a while ago as well. Other people get depressed when losing a job, I'm happy to not be working but stressed and scared when leaving and looking for new work. Hopefully you have some savings so you can take time off. That was the whole point of me working, I just saved and saved with the goal of taking as much time off as possible when I eventually left.

>Still, the entry jobs barely pay a living wage.

It's the same here. If I were renting I'd be completely fucked.


what I'm like in this summer heat


Thanks. I'm not renting either and I have almost 10k in savings. The entire point of me working is to get a better job and challenge myself. The actual entry level jobs is about one or two dollars away from a living wage, funny enough. I hope you do well in this hellish economy, liz.


I try to spend as little as possible. I bike everywhere and eat as cheaply as possible. And still I'm spending more than I like. Oh well, I guess a lot of normies have it worse.


File: 1659967805995.jpeg (147.45 KB,1077x808,F3B40955-39F1-430A-9A7A-1….jpeg)

Me on the far left


Where is everyone? It's sad to come back in a few days and see no posts. Or at least, posts, I want to respond to, of course.


I don’t really post.


Im visiting few times a day but rarerly post.
My life has been the same for the past few years.
All I can write about is bitching about mental issues, tell what I was dreaming.

All my days are the same, work/play games. Not even trying the new ones. And of course visiting this site,the only IG I use.

Just waiting for death, I can see the time passing faster which is cool


my life has completely stagnated as well


Pretty relatable. I have a few things I live for, but it's pretty much the same. I still use wizchan and go to the bunker every once in a while to lurk. Other than that, my life is also the same and in a way, I'm waiting for my bad health to catch up to me.


File: 1660621767899.jpg (492.74 KB,1920x1080,eternal solitude.jpg)

16chan dead. tohno dead. Wizchan full of warmies as it's ever been. Here is really slow.


I have nothing to say really. Sometimes I'll write down mundane crap and hit backspace.
Wizchan sucks.


>hit backspace
Same,I would say that only 1/5 of my posts go through.
Either writting like asshole for no reason or the text makes me cringe.


I finally got Halo MCC to run properly. And all I had to do was give up my email and phone number! Hurray! I still like the game, but I'll be more careful from now on when purchasing stuff from Micro$oft. I've been having a lot of fun replaying Halo CE on legendary. It makes me realize though, that most guns except for the pistol, plasma pistol, and the plasma rifle are any good in the beginning game. Not counting the shotgun yet since I haven't gotten there. The game's pretty unbalanced like all Halo games are. Only a few weapons dominate on legendary, and that makes me think that they didn't consider fun or balancing for this difficulty.


Started reading Rick & Morty comics, they are pretty good. (This opinion is biased)
I think I should have started with normal Issues and not deluxe but I doubt it matters.

Never read any comics just manga but it was years ago.
Fun activity especially in bed before sleep.
When Im done with it I will pick up some superhero crap from DC


I'm pretty fatigued right now. It's not like I should be though. I'm dirty too, so I need to shower, making me even more drowsy. Dang, and I had so many fun things I wanted to do today…

I need to exercise and I think that'll help it. It usually does.


sounds like you had a completely worthless day. I've had many of those


I think I ended up doing laundry, so it wasn't completely worthless. I think I was just dehydrated, but even now, I know I haven't taken in much water and still, I'm not as lethargic. Interesting indeed.


File: 1661794358370.png (259.82 KB,512x512,unnamed.png)

^^^post there


File: 1661809197429.png (946.05 KB,989x1200,7D3681B9-B9D6-466B-B8F2-07….png)

Kys >u<


I'm playing Daggerfall now. It's a lot harder than I remember actually. I'm pretty poor and I have a lot of skills to level up before becoming a good mage. The first spell I have costs about 40 magicka, but I only have 260ish magicka or something. I can't really go into dungeons without resting a bunch and potions are rare. I stopped off at an inn so I can power level, but then I realized there's not much to do in the cities other than buy stuff. There's no entertainment in between questing. It's all questing and leveling. The pursuit of magical knowledge is really fun, but I keep realizing more things that this games lack that makes the game so empty. It needs some mods to add gardens, museums, art galleries, entertainment, games, etc. I hope someone makes something like that in the future. This game's supposed to be Elder Scrolls life simulator, after all.


Back when fringechan.org was still alive, someone posted this song where some Jewish girls were singing in Hebrew. I loved the song, but I never saved it nor found it again. It was in Hebrew I think, so it's pretty slim for me to find it. So sad lol.


Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. There’s a YT channel called Fringe Wizard.


As a trade, there's a YT channel called Forest Anon. He lives on some mountain on government forest land. It's pretty comfy to see his blogs.

The Daggerfall game is working out better now. I spent 5 in game days improving my destruction. I'm still too weak to do the big dungeons, but I got an assignment to find someone in one in a span of two months. Hopefully in that time, I'll be able to penetrate the deep layers of the dungeon get another rank up.


Had (2litres/0.5 gallon) of vanilla milk.
Forgot that I have some sort of milk allergy.
My whole skin is red and itchy, also feeling my urinary tract getting inflamed.

I can consume milk products but in moderate amouny, wasnt paying attention to it
I hope I die lol


a couple more days and it's the end of summer :)


Started playing Ai Dungeon.
It is pretty good once you learn to cooperate with Ai.

You can do a lot of stuff there. From cool adventures to lewd stuff.
My best one was me playing as short goblin and meeting a dragon then moving in with him.

The only downside is that you rather often have to redo actions or lead the Ai into right direction.
I have signed up for the most expensive plan and I have no regrets even though it is costly.
I am using it daily and I do not think that I will ever stop.


For some reason, I feel happy? It's weird. I think it's because of a few things: I've accepted some things are out of my hands, I'm doing what I can do live a good life (according to me), and finally, I'm a lot more productive than I used to be. I'm evolving again. I'm becoming a person who I want to be. Maybe by the end of this year, I'll drastically change for the better, regardless of what happens to me.


Ahhhh watch out Liz the road always get bumpy.
I think it's best to not rush and also take time to rest from time to time.

Soon I'm quitting this bullshit job.
I have had enough of being exploited and strongly underpaid.
3years here ( 1 wasted, should have abandoned when I saw the first red flag)

Guy that is just collecting items at warehouse and makes a phone call from time to time earns more than me, he's been here for like 4months.
On top of that cunt boss scammed me into buying shares.
I was dumb enough to go without the paperwork. The company grew yet he bullshited me that the costs are higher.
So I'm like 8% down, but it's all okay.

I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to bathe in sweet bath of revenge.
Things will be interesting and definitely will change their life for worse.
I will not let anyone fuck with me anymore. Time of being naive and polite is finished.


It's been two months, did you ever get revenge? I'm doing worse than I was in February, but I'm still existing. I got a job, I'm failing at school, and my studies have temporarily stopped. I still have plans I want to meet by this months, but I'm going to have to sacrifice some of them for the more important ones.


File: 1681289589338.jpg (126.58 KB,644x800,lizzie green by maniacpain….jpg)

I want to eat VEGETABLES. All of the vegetables. I want to eat more and more vegetables. I feel deprived not eating them.


Where did all the lizzas go? This place has been mostly dead. ☹


There are like 4 of us I think.



There used to be so many more people here. Sad.

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