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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.


File: 1601531967258.png (140.45 KB,360x450,Monky.png)

I'm sleeping for 8 hours everyday.
Two days ago slept 15 and now just woke up after 12 hours.
Going back to bed zzz


File: 1601534025499.jpeg (132.25 KB,2048x1172,aa02fa1745e02f92a933dfca4….jpeg)

Wish I could post more than one image at a time


File: 1601546611928.jpg (287.27 KB,801x801,1601239970456.jpg)

Last time, I think we had someone who would shill liz on r9k and wiz.
I guess we need to do that, but I'm afraid what kind of people that might attract cause then there is no going back.


>I think we had someone who would shill liz on r9k and wiz.
No, you're wrong.
If it was advertised on the first one then there would nothing but tfw no gf on this chan.
Second is more likely but never noticed anything that proved sudden gain of new visitors, this comes from someone who was refreshing every day.
Except one braindead schizo and his conspiracies lol
>I guess we need to do that
Liz always had dead crawling speed.
If you NEED to do sth about it then you most likely came out of your shell not a long time ago or remembered this site wrong.
Don't kill it


I mentioned lizchan like once on wiz/b/, but it definitely flew under the radar.


lizchan was mentioned recently on a (Still active) thread on 4chan/r9k, but it seems to have "flown under the radar" like that other anon said. It was mentioned along wizchan as all-male alternatives to 4chan that are kinda like Crystal Cafe.


I saw that, too.


Bruh >>5987


I don't have control over someone from liz/wiz advertising the board on another website.


Then sorry for linking those two things together. Quite often I make dumb assumptions excuse me for this.


File: 1602280161005.png (518.21 KB,700x800,__madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….png)

There is nothing that I want to have.
People do stuff because it brings them closer to set goals or gives happiness.
I'm not depressed.
Whole idealogy of rejecting the meaningless desires (everything except 3 basic needs, food, safe place, release of sexual tension) in order to acquire happiness within themselves turned me into npc.
Got brainwashed hard.

-Nothing can hurt me but my self-made negative thoughts
-never sad
-no frustration since no expectation
-time passes super fast

-losing ego
-my awareness of existing is fading. Imagine doing all things by instinct and learnt patterns while not knowing what's going on. It feels like a time skip.
^did some googling and it's called being zen. Never knew what that meant but thought it's something cool.

I'm kinda scared of it. Like I'm gonna lose a touch with reality and go mad.
Then boom I come back to life which I have turned into existencial horror or something like that.

It doesn't sound like onset of mental illness, right Lizzies?


File: 1602288054899.jpg (307.53 KB,1000x600,241bd362b24bae30cee26800ae….jpg)

'mental illness' is a meme pushed by warmies to cope with anything and everything that they dont understand.
Its sort of like how when the pandemic shutdowns hit, warms couldnt think of doing anything else but be busy with their meaningless npc jobs or narcissitic friends,
so what did they do? They rioted,chimped out, and generally went mad for a time.
This is because they couldnt handle the shock, couldnt recognize what went wrong, nor analyze what was the problem all along.
Your own introspection will only solve your problems for you.
And no, your not insane.
Youre a lizard.
>^did some googling and it's called being zen. Never knew what that meant but thought it's something cool.
Research more into philosophy and religions, even if you dont believe it,
they all provide anecdotal wisdom that you wouldnt be able to find in the current year.


>mental illness' is a meme pushed by warmies to cope with anything
That's interesting. Never thought about it like that.
>Your own introspection will only solve your problems
In my opinion everyone has some sort of barrier that they can't fight through and need help from other or certain happening to demolish it.
I feel like I reached it since nothing is changing.
Thanks Lizzie will do some research, since it's kinda annoying to be stuck


File: 1602789621243-0.jpg (1.03 MB,1902x810,7f645d0bf8a5c3702412b14b8c….jpg)

File: 1602789621243-1.jpg (46.99 KB,420x600,61ytRbvHCXL._AC_UL600_SR42….jpg)

if you want to start out with buddhism read pic related.
I read it some years ago when i asked a librarian on some good budd intro books.
sorry i couldnt find a pdf version for you i tried


I wanna play dwarf fortress but the stress mechanics are such caca right now that 20 minutes of play would be just exiling people and maybe waiting. It's basically doing nothing sadly. I think the best parts of the game are in the first years where you're setting everything up. I'm done making rooms, training people, etc. I just need to wait for my military to become good enough to kill.

Also I don't like doing new things lmao. I always screw things up like the QSP and it would take me a few hours to learn it badly since I work so slowly to learn or do any new things.

Daggerfall's cool too.




Mental illness isn't a meme. It shouldn't be pushed though. If your abnormality/disorder isn't stopping you from functioning at a high level and achieving things, no diagnosis is needed.


>Mental illness isn't a meme.
imo it is though. Take fags for example, if you ask them why they are homo they will say "I was just born with it" or "guess Im just mentally ill XDDD",
when in reality, if you look into their life, they comically all share the same issues you would expect with homos; no father, sexually abused as a kid, etc.
Their 'mental illness' is a logical and natural result of their upbringing or past history.
Its a cope to push and pass the blame on a vague term rather than do some introspection and uproot the issues.


At the end of the day, no one is honestly interested in helping people confront their childhood traumas. Let's not pretend otherwise. You, too, have an agenda.


if you even bothered to read any of the posts before you would have clearly saw that I said everyone has to solve their own issues and noone is going to solve shit for you.
>You, too, have an agenda.
youre the one more likely pushing the 'mental issues' agenda so you can help get others to take SSRI's and other jew drugs to fuck with peoples heads permenately for life, kys outsider.


File: 1602971785994.jpg (20.01 KB,500x436,1590715286032.jpg)

>jew drugs to fuck with peoples heads permenately for life, kys outsider.

Good job proving his point.


Drugs are good though, if you're about to kick and break stuff due to anger, or if you're extremely blackpilled, some pills can help you out a lot in the long run


File: 1603114952013.jpg (11.65 KB,259x194,438.jpg)

I e-filed my return in early april and it's still "being processed" when I check on the irs website. The irs exists for one fucking reason what are they doing? I just want my fuckin gibs


Are you still waiting on your Trumpbux?


Yeah. I didn't file for 2018 so it's stuck in limbo until I get processed. I filed before the stimulus bill even passed to try and make sure I got it in a reasonable amount of time. Turns out I screwed myself because they announced a way for nonfilers to get it/ the irs is screwing me by not just processing the damn thing.


File: 1603319467308.jpg (29.86 KB,600x338,triggered.jpg)

How do we get the husky poster on Liz?



File: 1603590010475.jpg (138.76 KB,1536x982,pills.jpg)

>Drugs are good

Good goy! Keep taking your SSRIs, big pharajew commends you!


File: 1603682499762.png (139.62 KB,500x353,heartpain.png)

My heart, it's going way too fast! Gotta stop eating so much ramen noodles, they're killing me.


>ramen noodles
literally eat anything else that shit will shorten your lifespan if you dont diversify your diet


The problem is they're so easy to make and taste so good. I can throw a cup into my bag and have a perfectly nice meal at work without having to microwave stuff.

Maybe I'll switch over to the Campbell's ones. They taste ok and don't seem to hurt my heart as much.


File: 1603765345486.jpg (29.83 KB,360x363,1602018884529.jpg)

someone is burning his bridges again


File: 1603778245763.gif (607.34 KB,640x360,1377070683704.gif)



I wanna be a VIPSTAR!


That's stuck in my head now. Thanks /f/.


File: 1604100703201.jpg (166.06 KB,954x719,Jeb.jpg)

Hes still got this lizzies!!!


I turned 25 years young recently, so I'm thinking about doing heroin. Wish me luck lizzies.


cool, I'm thinking about taking up smoking again myself. tobacco smoking that is


File: 1604206248857.jpg (110.87 KB,318x429,c0a5860c43741807b12afe24b6….jpg)



I hate it when my gums bleed after I floss


I barely brush my teeth… You should use mouthwash for that nice burning sensation.


I'm trying to floss and use mouthwash more after paying for some pretty expensive dental work this year. I flossed last night though and three times the blood thing started. I need to get my shit together.


File: 1604294518364.jpg (66.03 KB,942x1065,edbde96fef4c494203475adec0….jpg)

You will get used to it once you establish it as a habit.
Its annoying when the dentist nurse yells at you for not making their job easier.
You do nibble their fingers for revenge right liz?


>establish it as a habit

You don't know me very well. My natural state of nature is relaxing on the couch. Any getting up to do anything takes a great amount of effort and is done as little as possible.

>nibble their fingers

ha nope, when I'm paying 1000+ dollars for a root canal I try to not mess with the people doing the work


File: 1604544194351.jpg (906.03 KB,1536x2048,uyuyuy.jpg)



File: 1604545419049.jpg (24.57 KB,480x640,cat.jpg)

shut up you


you what?


meow meow *licks paw*


File: 1604590185200.jpg (128.45 KB,1000x1000,251be27cd03392e259f0793726….jpg)

You stop that


File: 1638835457164.png (731.48 KB,720x960,1624679990323.png)


evil cat must be making him do it


Pussy got him acting strange



File: 1639450873608.jpg (26.63 KB,335x482,bike_riding.jpg)

I need to start biking again. I've done hardly any exercise this year and I'm starting to turn into a fatass, if I continue living and eating this way I'll become a diabetic for sure.


Even if you cant it's often 90% diet instead of exercise, I have to lose my last bit as well, been stalling forever.


I've already started to fix my diet. I'm down to one can of soda a day, and less ramen and sweets. My problem is keeping it up, I always go back to eating shit food after a month or two of eating right.


Ya Lizards trying to lose weight while I managed to gain some in those 3 months.

I always wanted to not look like skeleton and it's getting better and better.
Never been so big lol


i put my dick in a bag doritos


I do the exact same thing, have had to yo-yo for a year and a half, but slowly I make more progress than lose.
Weird thing about being american is being 20 pounds overweight still and people telling you your skinny already.
Meet me once you gain your maximum mass, we'll duel for the title of Fatliz.
Hope it was cool ranch, and not flamin' hot brother.


Alright I don't want to get fat.
My tummy is now visible under my clothes and it looks ridiculously awful since the rest of me is still slim.

I expected to get massive everywhere but looks like fat stores only there.

That's lame


please don't tell me you ate them afterwards


waste not want not liz.
apparently that's kind of normal for guys, mine just sort of spreads out evenly, even when fat stomach was flat.


i stay on fat boy status i don't care we're all gonna old one day


once we face food shortages you will have the last laugh, I'm just trying anything that may even slightly unfuck my mental health. Hyper neurotic.


File: 1640047762013.jpg (60.2 KB,461x314,carpe-diem.jpg)

you're an inspiration to us all


i'm fine with dying like at 55 or 60 i don't wanna be so old i can barely walk or get myself out of bed that's if diabetes doesn't kill me first


Hard to die directly from diabetes, does shorten the life span though. - someone horrible at managing theirs.
I'm also spooked by getting too old, lizards are supposed to live short intense lives.


i also smoke cigs as well but i wanna quit smoking


I've been smoking cigs too for more than two months when my vape broke (but I ordered a new one from scam site lol)

I don't understand why people do this. Shitty smell is walking behind you. Everyone smokes crap, I knew only a one guy that was rolling his own. It was smoked tobacco, tasted great!

Ecigs are the best imo, if you're only after nicotine.
One to two puffs of high nicotine lq and you're done.
No limitations of flavours, the smell doesn't stay anywhere.

The liquid for it, costs like 5 packs of cigs and for me it's enough for over 2 months.

Right now there are no harmful effects and doesn't look like there will be any.
Except for some shady flavours


File: 1640722875453.jpg (38.9 KB,320x239,tobacco.JPG)

>I knew only a one guy that was rolling his own.

Rolling cigarettes is actually a really fun hobby to have. I might get back into it one day.


waiting to quit until my prospects get better
It does smell bad, but i'm so isolated it doesn't really matter.
I prefer vaping too, I usually vape and smoke during more stressful periods.
It's what I have to do to save money, It's nicer to not have the additives, feels less addictive which is better than it is bad.


hope you lizzies had a good year
my pc wouldn't start yesterday and i was really worried, but i replaced the PSU today and everything is fine again


it was alright. ate some mcdonald's then had a couple of drinks and fell asleep an hour prior to midnight. hopefully this year won't be too shit


Chain smoked then played some viscera cleanup detail.
Gonno have to penny pinch all year I'm terrified of my pc dying, i'd have to get a job and do people things or something.


>Gonno have to penny pinch all year

the way prices are shooting up I'm going to have to do the same. every week it seems like everything goes up a dollar


I was learning and got very very tired. Now I've slept for a few hours and I want to study again (but I won't lol). I'm playing a real life Morrowind my lizzas.


all that book reading must of tired you out liz


>upgrade to windows 11

go fuck yourself Microsoft

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